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Looking after your Ultra-Reach water fed pole

All Reach Poles comes with a commercial use 12 month warranty, but to ensure the longest lifespan from your Reach Pole we recommend the following simple maintenance;

Care and maintenance

To ensure a long life from your Ultra Reach pole we recommend that you carry out the following simple maintenance procedures


Daily Maintenance

At the end of the day;

Remove and loose dirt and debris from the pole.

Fully extend the pole and rinse down the inside and outside of the pole with clean (ideally purified) water.

Weekly additional maintenance

In addition to the daily maintenance we recommend lubrication of the pole & clamps using either a PTFE or silicone spray, this is best applied when the pole is clean and dry, for instance; after a the daily cleaning dry off the pole with a clean microfibre cloth and apply a thin coat of silicone or PTFE to the wear areas.

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